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Pimento Pepper Moruga Hill Rice (16 oz)


Pimento Pepper Moruga Hill Rice (16 oz)

Consists of one or more varieties of nutritious, all-natural, nutty-flavoured Moruga Hill Rice, mixed with sweet and mild Pimento Peppers…all brought to you from the forests of Moruga, deep in the heart of southern Trinidad.

ZERO cholesterol or fat
Low in sugar and carbohydrates
High in fiber, protein and iron
Contains Vitamin C and Calcium (rarely found in rice)

All Natural Goodness in Every Bite:

Farmed with:

  • No chemical fertilizers
  • No harmful pesticides
  • Non-GMO

As Moruga Hill Rice is all-natural with no preservatives it has a 1 year shelf life (2 years when refrigerated). We are unable to accept returns on this item due to expiration.



Moruga Hill Rice was brought to Moruga, Trinidad by the Merikin Warrior Tribes of West Africa centuries ago, and the nutritious, flavorful grain is now unique to Trinidad.

At Vista Dorado Estates we pride ourselves on providing freshly grown local and all-natural food products.  We don’t use chemical pesticides, fertilizers or hormones on our plants and animals, just tender love and care.  Our products are grown on lush, family farmlands in temperate Moruga, overlooking the Trinity Hills deep in the heart of south Trinidad.

From start to finish, Moruga Hill Rice is nurtured to provide you with the most nutrition possible!

Many people enjoy Moruga Hill Rice to stay healthy and because it tastes great!  We tenderly care for five varieties of Moruga Hill Rice, each with its own nutty flavor:

  • Bongo Farinashort, maroon grains
  • Bongo Toffee fat, black grains
  • Bongo Farina Long Beard short, maroon grains, but with spiked hairs on the paddy!
  • Black Hentwo-toned red/purple and brown grains, with short, black prickles on the paddy that make it pest resistant!
  • Black Endthe rarest, with the whitest grain, and unique black arrow heads and a short black beard on each paddy grain!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9.5 × 2.8 in


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