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The founder of Caribbean Sea and Air Marketing Company Limited (CSAM) first began producing Moruga Hill Rice on his father’s farm when he was a child. At that time the rice was farmed and milled by hand, which made it very labour intensive. This relegated production to a few farmers growing Moruga Hill Rice on relatively small parcels of land, mainly for home use. But CSAM changed all of that with mechanization to allow largescale farming, so this delicious, nutritious Caribbean Wild Rice can now be shared with the world.

In 2011 CSAM went a step further by testing the nutritional value of its Vista Dorado Estates All-Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Moruga Hill Rice, only to discover the high-value proposition of the rice as it relates to human health and wellbeing. Nutritionally the rice is on par, and sometimes superior to global wild rices. To add to this, Moruga Hill Rice grows on dry land, which makes it a climate-smart rice in a time of global warming and its related adverse effects on global food sustainability. This led to CSAM’s view of Moruga Hill Rice as a food sustainability solution, not just at the local level, but also on a regional and international scale. Added to this, CSAM is ecologically-minded and conscious of the potential adverse effects of wide-scale farming on our earth and its eco-systems. It presently meets the Agro-ecology guidelines and environmental policies of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

This means that CSAM’s farming and animal husbandry methodologies are geared toward protecting the landscape and related eco-systems. This has led to what CSAM refers to as its “CSAM-compliant Farming and Animal Husbandry production methodology”, which CSAM consistently shares with other farmers in the community. CSAM also notes the potential to franchise “CSAM-compliant Moruga Hill Rice” production internationally to contribute to global biodiversity preservation. It is CSAM’s belief that the effect of this eco-awareness on a global scale will significantly impact the protection afforded to our eco-systems, while still increasing the production of food staples for human consumption. As a part of its environmental awareness, CSAM utilizes the waste of its All-Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Moruga Hill Rice and other agricultural produce to create an Animal Feed Silage that is a wholesome source of meat protein for human end-users. To complete its own farming ecosystem, CSAM utilizes the manure of its all-naturally fed, Antibiotic-free livestock to nurture and nourish the soil on which its agricultural produce is grown.

CSAM has spent a great deal of time and resources on Research & Development (R&D) during the course of developing the most nutritious Vista Dorado Estates Moruga Hill Rice possible and its Animal Silage derivative. However, in recognition of the limitations of its own internal studies, it has forged relationships with the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT) to study Moruga Hill Rice and the Animal Silage derivative, so as to determine the means of achieving the maximum production and nutritional yields from both, and in the long term, the medical benefits of CSAM-compliant Vista Dorado Estates Moruga Hill Rice on lifestyle diseases common to humans on a global scale, Diabetes for example. CSAM is also pursuing the establishment of a Moruga Hill Rice Seed Bank to ensure sufficient seed for expanded community production, and equally importantly, to safeguard the precious Moruga Hill Rice genome.

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Vision & Mission

We grow Vista Dorado Estates Moruga Hill Rice All-Naturally, Non Genetically Modified (non-GMO) and Gluten-Free under eco-friendly and organic conditions on the lush, rolling hills of temperate Moruga, Trinidad. We intercrop other All-Natural, Non-GMO vegetables such as Warao Corn and Bene, and use the waste from all of our farm produce to produce All-Natural, Non-GMO, Antibiotic-Free Animal Feed Silage that leads to lean, wholesome animal proteins.

Our Vision is to meet the dietary requirements of today’s global, health-conscious population while managing chronic lifestyle diseases at lower costs and with less emotional duress than pharmaceutical solutions.

Our Mission is the eco-friendly production of All-Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, nutritious, organically grown Moruga Hill Rice and Animal Feeds at competitive prices, which distinguishes us and our products from alternatives.



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Merikins meet the Warao

Starting with the American War of Independence, the British recruited runaway African slaves to fight for them in exchange for freedom, and after the Trade War of 1816 brought Merikin African Warrior Tribes to establish their new home in Moruga, Trinidad. The Merikins brought Moruga Hill Rice seeds with them and met the Warao peoples who cultivated a wild grass, Indian Corn. It is said that Indian Corn mixed with Moruga Hill Rice to create a unique and highly localized genome with rare health and nutrition properties, and so Trinidad’s Moruga Hill Rice was born and handed down through the ages to present day farming families.

1783 - 2015

Cultivation of Moruga Hill Rice

Moruga Hill Rice remained a crop grown by small farmers in the Moruga community, with the farming methodology being traditional for generations: by hand and labour intensive, largely due to the hilly landscape of southern Trinidad. The owner of the Vista Dorado Estates Brand of Moruga Hill Rice, founder of Caribbean Sea and Air Marketing Co. Ltd. (CSAM), and his father before him, were among these farmers.


Caribbean Sea & Air Marketing Co. Ltd.

CSAM was incorporated and equipment identified and modified to mechanize the farming of Moruga Hill Rice. This means that large volumes of high quality, All-Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and nutritious Vista Dorado Estates Moruga Hill Rice can now be produced. We use our state of the art equipment, along with our passion for Moruga Hill Rice and our natural surroundings, to care for the integrity of every grain of rice!

2018 - 2019

Trademark of Moruga Hill Rice

Vista Dorado Estates Moruga Hill Rice was trademarked in Trinidad & Tobago. CSAM subsequently trademarked Moruga Hill Rice under its Vista Dorado Estates brand.

Our Team

The CSAM team is led by our Managing Director, Mark Forgenie. Mark was raised growing MHR on his father’s farm in Moruga, but qualified as a Merchant Navy Captain in England in 1995. This equips him to conduct R&D plus grow MHR to technical specifications. Mark sees the present need for regional AND global food security and sustainability, as food will always be essential.

Cassie Chai Hong is our Administrative Director. Cassie has worked alongside Mark throughout the MHR journey, including assisting with R&D, marketing, corporate secretarial duties and general oversight of CSAM.

Our Finance Director is Karen-Ann Gardier. Karen has spent almost twenty years developing her career as the Chief Financial Officer of an international conglomerate that was the largest in the region during her tenure.





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